Choose Your Wedding Dress By Body Type!

Wedding day is the day when every woman, without exception, wants to look her best. Your body type
Knowing protects you from unrecoverable mistakes when choosing a wedding dress.
Wedding is one of the most important times of his life. Not just the moment it was lived,
with the sweet rush in the preparation process and many memories that will be remembered with love and happiness
is a whole. It is also the day when every woman wants to look the most beautiful! And right
The most important thing to choose the wedding gown is the preference according to the body type of the bride-to-be.
is to do.
We all have different body types and different silhouettes some better than others
looks, so you know how to master your body type and how to dress

Pear Body Type

Normal or small breasts, thin waist and wide hips. Pear shaped women A-cut
looks great in wedding gowns
This is because they can camouflage their wide hips and highlight the thin waist area.
But you can also choose the princess cut. You should definitely stay away
while fish form designs!

Apple Shape Body Type

Plump breasts, thick waist, straight buttocks and slender legs.
Stay away from round necklines! V-neckline adds depth to the look,
shows longer than it is.
The skirt in the wedding dress you choose to draw attention to the most beautiful place, namely your legs
part definitely.
It must be Hellenistic type or slits! Structured fabrics such as taffeta, satin or silk, silk chiffon
and you can choose flowing fabrics such as chiffon.

Hourglass body type

The most important feature of this 90-60-90 ratio body structure is that it can be used in almost any model easily.
can carry. Especially the fish form suits you very well
But no matter what style her dream wedding dress is, she is lucky enough to carry it beautifully
you are in the minority, enjoy!

Rectangular body type
A narrow hip, broad shoulders, and normal or small breasts. You should turn to designs that will highlight your shoulders, back and legs.
The more you highlight your shoulders, the thinner and flawless your waist looks.

Even though the strapless wedding dresses are just for you, if you want to use the slit, you should head towards the halter neckline and balance it this way. Two-piece bridesmaid dresses will also show your waist thinner and your body more proportionate as a whole.

Petite Body Type

If you are small, you should avoid very detailed dresses! Ruffles or fluffy skirts
stifles the look, like trying to fit too much into a small frame.
Trumpet style, a column dress or a dress with an empire waist, height
It will create the illusion that it will make you look taller than you are.
If you prefer V-neck ones instead of strapless designs, the neck area is long and attractive.
makes it appear. You should choose as thin fabrics as possible such as organza, chiffon and tulle.

Large Size Body Type

You have two options; you will either go for models that emphasize your curves or lose weight
You will choose a design that makes an impact. Some of the most attractive styles for a plump figure
It includes asymmetrical folding so you can camouflage your excess. With V-neck selection
Another alternative is to attract attention to the top. Made of balloon skirts, lycra and satin
Avoid fabrics, tailed skirts and round necklines!

Big chest

If you have large breasts, the key to finding the best dress is the right neckline.
to choose. The most important thing to watch out for should be to avoid cleavage!
You can choose a V-neck wedding dress to make your big breasts look smaller.
Again, you should avoid thin hangers and turn to thick hangers that offer more support.


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